YOXO Synthesizing the global vision of Yokohama,
city of innovation

Yokohama has undertaken an array of initiatives to become a city of innovation.
These initiatives have been advanced jointly by private and public sectors beyond their boundaries. YOXO is a movement and an ecosystem among a variety of business operators who engage in activities to create innovation in the experiment field of Yokohama.
The word is a homophone to the Japanese word “yokuzo”, which essentially means “great job”.

Creating a sustainable cycle through innovation

Innovation is created through an innovative and borderless combination of all sorts of agents present in our society. YOXO promotes crossover activities that combine “technologies and ideas” with “local needs and issues”. Through these activities, we aim to become a city that is committed to innovation in all aspects and fields, from our methods to their concrete applications, to fully grow as a city as well as to develop the next generation.