In recent years, Yokohama has seen a growth in the number of R&D bases of global companies and startups, as well as active collaboration between local industries and academia. The city is located in the vicinity of metropolitan Tokyo and is active in international exchanges. As the nation’s largest ordinance-designated city, it’s burdened with diverse social issues faced by residents, yet blessed with numerous factors required to create innovation at the same time.
We, at the city of Yokohama, will build an innovation ecosystem by leveraging these strengths, aiming to become a future model city for the world as well as Japan.


Yokohama Future Organization is an “Innovation Development Organization” that assists challengers who are tackling new innovations, in cooperation with people active in Yokohama as well as people from across Japan and the world.
It’s also a “Network Support Organization” that coordinates collaborations between organizations and institutions, transcending boundaries with talents and ideas.
It is, moreover, an “Innovation Area Management Organization” open to the world, which aims to build a “City of the Future”.
We will create innovation through the implementation, as well as the application of demonstration experiments in the experiment field of Yokohama.
We welcome those who support the mission of the organization and the objectives of its activities.


Name of organization

Yokohama Future Organization

Form of organization

Unincorporated voluntary organization

Date of establishment

March 31, 2021

Membership management

The Organization is operated on membership fees for sustainable management.

Representative of promoters

Seiji Manabe
Professor, Ph.D. Faculty of International Social Sciences, Yokohama National University

Prospects members

Enterprises (manufacture, IT, service business, trade & distribution, real estate, railway, telecom, media, finance, etc.), Educational & Research Institutions, and the City of Yokohama (local government) *Cooperate with other related private bodies and/or administrative agencies.

Values through participation and collaboration

Manufacturing and IT companies
Trigger opportunities for new business creation; promote collaboration between corporations, universities, communities, and government; implement demonstration experiments; foster human resources.
Corporations and local communities
Improve convenience as a smart city; activate corporations, talent acquisition, and communities to become a repository for knowledge.
Educational institutions
Deepen research and apply its results to society; build collaboration with corporations and business talents; foster next-generation talents.
Leverage the power of innovation to solve social issues, such as the declining working-age population and aging society.
Enjoy convenience, safety & security from new products and/or services. Engage in innovative activities.

We are looking for companies, educational institutions,
research institutes, etc. to build a “City of the Future” for
innovation together.

Yokohama Future Organization aims to develop innovation with people wishing to build new businesses in Yokohama that answer social issues in Japan and abroad.
If you are a company, educational institution, or research institute that agrees with our objectives and activities, let’s start co-creating innovation together.