YOXO Festival 2024 Mirai experience in Yokohama YOXO Festival 2024 Mirai experience in Yokohama
DAY1 2024.2.3 11:00-19:00
DAY2 2024.2.4 11:00-17:00

Open up the future
innovation and
Festival of co-creation

YOXO FESTIVAL is a festival where innovators and creators
It is a festival where you can get inspiration and experience excitement by bringing together new ideas and technologies for the "future" and exchanging them across disciplines.


in the city
Future experience
A place for interaction between companies and citizens
foster innovation
Previous performance
9 venues, 70 booths,
15 events

Exhibitions, demonstration experiments, demonstrations, and workshops on the theme of the future will be held in commercial facilities, parks, and other places in the city.

Previous performance
About 25,500 visitors

Exhibitors (companies/individuals) and exhibitors and visitors will interact across boundaries.

A wide variety of opinions and ideas will be generated, and all exhibitors and visitors will grow the seeds of innovation in the city.

Venue map

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Landmark Plaza Sakata Tane Garden Square
Landmark Plaza Festival Square
Landmark Plaza 5F space
Landmark Tower NANA Lv.
MARK IS Minatomirai Grand Galleria
MM Terrace
LIVING TOWN Minatomirai
Yokohama Hammerhead 1F CIQ Hall
Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No. 1 Building 2F Space
Kannai area (YOXO BOX, etc.)
*Exhibitors at each venue will be posted after the exhibitors are confirmed.

About exhibition application

Would you like to exhibit ideas and technologies with the theme of "future"?We look forward to receiving many applications from both companies and individuals.

Eligible persons
Companies, organizations, volunteer groups, individuals who agree with the purpose of this event
Exhibit contents
  • ◇Unique Gadgets
  • ◇ Solutions and prototypes of products and services filled with ideas for the "future"
  • ◇ Presentation of research results, talk sessions, demonstrations, etc.
  • ◇ Demonstration project
  • ◇Workshop
Benefits of exhibiting
  • ◇ In addition to workers (employees of research and development, etc.), many people such as university students and parents with their children will visit and learn about our products and services.
  • ◇ It will lead to cooperation and collaboration between visiting companies and universities, business people, and exhibitors.
  • ◇ You can get frank reactions and feedback from visitors.
  • ◇ Data such as simple attributes of visitors can be collected.
Exhibition fee
Exhibition place
The secretariat will make adjustments according to the content of the exhibition.
Exhibition application deadline
Until Tuesday, March 2023, 10 31:17
Terms of participation
About the Terms of Participation Click here for more information..

About sponsorship recruitment

YOXO FESTIVAL is the largest event in Yokohama, where innovators and creators participate.Event management and exhibition are made possible by the support of many sponsors.We hope that by sponsoring this event, we will be able to support innovators and creators, and take advantage of the opportunity for exhibitors and visitors who are interested in unique gadgets, future technologies, and ideas to come together.

companies, innovators creators, kids PR is possible

We will inform Yokohama Future Organization members (137 organizations) and various innovator communities.In addition, leaflets will be distributed to about 19 children, students, and teachers at elementary schools and special needs schools in Yokohama City.A wide range of visitors are expected on the day of the event, from children to workers.

Various companies and networks can be formed

Business matching and network formation with exhibitors and members of Yokohama Future Organization are possible.Yokohama future organization member list Click here for more information..

for visitors You can take a survey

It is possible to conduct various surveys and questionnaires for visitors (previous results: total of about 25,000 people (estimate)).You can use the YOXO FESTIVAL app for questionnaires.

(As of 2023 month of 8)
School juridical person Iwasaki Gakuen
DOCOMO Business Solutions, Inc.
Macnica, Inc.
Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. Yokohama Branch
Media Partners
Yoichi Ito
Musashino University
Dean of Entrepreneurship
Representative of Musashino Valley

Local revitalization support tax system
(Corporate version hometown tax)

This event will be held as part of Yokohama City's FY5 local revitalization support tax system utilization project "Development of innovative human resources". If a company makes a donation to this project as a "corporate hometown tax", it will be deducted from the corporate tax, and benefits according to the donation amount will be prepared.If you would like to ask for donations from companies whose headquarters are located outside the city and are interested, please let the department in charge know so that we can explain.


Department in charge: City of Yokohama Economic Affairs Bureau New Industry Creation Division
Phone: 045-671-3487

About recruitment

Together with "YOXO FESTIVAL", we are looking for events and events (partner programs) for companies and organizations that will liven up the city of Yokohama together during the period.If you are certified as a partner program, we will use the "YOXO FESTIVAL" logo, post the event name on the special website, etc., and publicize it together with this project.

State of the last time
(to be held in 2023)

Contact Us

If you have any questions about exhibiting, sponsorship, or other matters related to this event, please contact us at the email address below.

[YOXO FESTIVAL Secretariat] yoxofestival@yoxo.jp
About Yokohama Future Organization

It is an organization that promotes industry-academia-public-private collaboration, which is the foundation of Innovation City Yokohama (YOXO).We aim to create a sustainable and hopeful future by forming a Yokohama-style innovation ecosystem that promotes the creation of innovation throughout the city.

About YOXO

It is a concept that integrates the overall image of Yokohama, which aims to be an innovation city."YOXO" is the slogan for activities that create innovation in the field of Yokohama, the movement, and the word that expresses the ecosystem.